Please read the Conditions and Terms of Use for the Sleddog Registry (“Conditions”) carefully before using the website under the Sleddog Registry domain.

The Sleddog Registry is owned and operated by the Norwegian Sled Dog Racing Association (Org. Nr. 971 484 020) ("Service Provider").

Your access and use of the Service Provider is subject to your acceptance of these Conditions and the terms and conditions set forth in Privacy. This applies to all visitors, users and others who have access to the Service Provider.

If you have any questions about these terms or conditions, please contact us at

Creating an account

By creating an account with us, you are committing to provide us with information that is correct, accurate and complete, and to keep it updated at any time. Failure to do so constitutes a material breach of the terms, which may result in immediate termination of your account at the Sleddog Registry.

The username and password associated with your account is strictly personal. You are responsible for ensuring that your password is not available to anyone else at any time, and you may be held liable for any activity associated with your user account. If you suspect that others have access to your password or user account, you are obliged to notify the Service Provider immediately.

You cannot register a username that is the name of another physical or legal person, or that is otherwise not permitted to use, including names that may be confused with another person’s name or trademark, or a name that is otherwise offensive, vulgar or obscene.

When registering on the Sleddog Registry, you will provide certain information about yourself (e.g. name, address, telephone number, etc.). You are required to provide complete and accurate information to the Service Provider. The Service Provider may use services provided by third parties to verify the information you provide to us, and to obtain additional information relevant to the Services. By creating a user account, you agree that the Service Provider may collect, use and store such information.

The Service Provider has the right to deliver messages to you at the last registered email and billing address, and such messages will be considered received and valid regardless of whether the email or billing address is correct and in use.

The Service Provider may freely accept or reject applications for creating user accounts, without further explanation.

User content

Our service allows you to write a description, save, share and otherwise make available certain information, such as text, images or other material (“User Content”). You are responsible for the User Content transferred to the Service Provider from your User Account, and are required to ensure that the User Content is appropriate, legal and relevant in relation to the purpose of the Service.

User content transferred to the Service Provider will be made available to other existing/potential users of the Sleddog Registry. By transferring User Content to the Sleddog Registry, you hereby provide the Service Provider with a non-exclusive transferable right to use, modify, display, reproduce and distribute User Content with any website of the Service Provider and its affiliates, including but not limited to other marketing and distribution channels (e.g. Facebook, Adwords, other market materials, etc.). This right also applies after you stop using the service. In addition to the Service Provider’s limited right mentioned above, you retain all your rights to the User Content.

You acknowledge and guarantee that you are the owner of the User Content, or have the right to use it, and you provide the Service Provider with rights to use it under these Conditions. Your further warrant that the publication of the User Content on the Sleddog Registry, or on other distribution channels, does not violate the privacy, image rights, copyrights, contractual rights or other rights of any physical or legal person. You are also required to familiarize yourself with and comply with the rules of the law and guidelines that apply to the service at any time.

The Service Provider is not required to supervise your or other User Content. However, the Service Provider reserves the right to review User Content and, at its discretion, remove this.


Use of the service requires the following from the user:

  • the user accepts that his/her user traffic can be tracked by statistics services such as Google Analytics

  • the user has a functioning connection to the internet

  • the user uses a modern browser if the user wants to upload images. The Sleddog Registry works on older browsers, but uploading images requires a modern browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari

Rights to the Service Provider

The Service Provider and its services, content (except your User Content), features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of the Service Providers and its licensors.

Copyrights, database rights, trademarks and other laws in both Norway and abroad protect the Service Provider. It is not permitted to copy, distribute, display, publish or sell information, software, products or services made available on the Sleddog Registry.

Termination of user account or termination of services

The Service Provider may change or discontinue any of the services offered at any time, and without notice.

The Service Provider has the right to terminate or suspend your account immediately, without notice or liability, for any reason, including but not limited to violation of these Conditions. Upon termination or suspension of the User Account, your rights to use the services made available on the Sleddog Registry will immediately cease.

Limitation of liability

The services and information made available at the Sleddog Registry are offered “as is”, without any guarantees. The Service Provider and its affiliates cannot under any circumstances be held liable for damage to items, loss of data, lost profits or any other losses or expenses that may arise in connection with using the service, or as a result of non-delivery of the service.


The Service Provider reserves the right to change or replace these Conditions at any time. Updated Conditions will be made available at the Sleddog Registry. If the changes in the Conditions according to the Service Provider’s assessment imply a significant change in the user’s rights or obligations, these changes will be made available on the Sleddog Registry 30 days before they take effect.

By continuing to use the service after the changes to the Conditions are made available on the Sleddog Registry, you agree to be bound by the updated Conditions. If you do not agree to the new terms, you must stop using the service.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are subject to, and must be interpreted in accordance with, the Norwegian Law.

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