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Version 2.2

  • Changed from Google Analytics to Matomo site-stats

  • Send email to kennel also, when reporting info on dogs

  • Added flag to kennel-list on frontpage

  • Extensive update of cache-functionality

  • Made an explicit out-link from dog-edit pane to view resulting page (logged in)

  • Added Argentina to list of countries

Version 2.1

  • Lots of backend cleanup

  • Added pagination to homepage

  • Added NKK-id, call-name and colour to dogs

  • Added club and country to kennel

  • Upgraded system from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0

Version 2.0

  • Complete restructuring of backend and frontend code

  • Added more info returned by chip REST-search (/chip/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

  • Lots and lots of changes, long forgotten

Version 1.7

  • Lots of fixes in backend

  • Added Latvia to list of countries

  • Show larger image in modal for all dogs in tree

  • Lots of frontend improvements

Version 1.6.x

  • 1.6.1 Fix bug so listing on front page always shows most recent registrations (page = 0)

  • 1.6.2 Change recipient for reporting errors in database

  • 1.6.3 Fix bug in logic for the 18-month rule when registering

  • 1.6.4 Fix missing info & clarify parents

  • 1.6.5 More statistics about registrations

  • 1.6.6 Fix reset password bug

  • 1.6.7 Added placeholder text to report-form

  • 1.6.8 Fix embarrassing bug searching for dog by chip

  • 1.6.9 Remove slashes in "Notes"

  • 1.6.10 Fix silly bug where searchByName would not return any result

  • 1.6.11 Remember to set all switches to prod when launching new version

  • 1.6.12 Added cache update - maintenance

  • 1.6.13 Prevent dog from being registered as its own parent

  • 1.6.14 Fix error in not listing deceased dogs

  • 1.6.15 Increase timeout span from 15 to 60 mins

  • 1.6.16 Update all siblings' caches when saving a dog

  • 1.6.17 Don't regenerate all dogs when saving profile

  • 1.6.18 Enable changing year & month in dob & dod

  • 1.6.19 Prevent storing male mother & female father

  • 1.6.20 Use GET parameter "key" - WP no longer allows trailing numbers in slug

Version 1.6

  • Implemented faster/better alternative to WordPress postmeta

  • Added system to report errors

  • Better search on start page

  • Forced registrations of dogs younger than 18 months to provide both parents

Version 1.5.x

  • 1.5.1. Move COI calculations to background worker-process

  • 1.5.2: Set max length of chars in dog-listing (60 chars)

  • 1.5.3: Chage transfer-functionality to live status

  • 1.5.4: Add logging of COI calculations

  • 1.5.5: Use 4 digits for displaying COI

  • 1.5.6: Improve selecting dogs for COI-testing

  • 1.5.7: Show COI in wp-admin also

  • 1.5.8: Fix erronous test-setting for background worker-process

  • 1.5.9: Fix embarassing id-bug when calculating COI

  • 1.5.10: Serialize dbug output

  • 1.5.11: Reset password by either email or username

  • 1.5.12: Add instant text-filtering on dogs in kennel

  • 1.5.13: Fix silly bug in password reset

  • 1.5.14: Use regex rather than contain in JavaScript list-filtering (1.5.12)

  • 1.5.15: Show registrant on dog info page, regardless

  • 1.5.16: Fix error-handler for saving dog-info (so force-register by similar name works)

  • 1.5.17: Added resend-validation-email to kennel-admin in wp

  • 1.5.18: Open dog-info page in new window from search on front page

  • 1.5.19: Fixed bug whereas user would not receive enail when resetting password

  • 1.5.20: Fixed bug 1.5.19 for good

  • 1.5.21: Fix bug where presence of digit in dog's name would assume ID

  • 1.5.22: Changed info for dog so we no longer link to non-existent registrant

Version 1.5

  • added new chip list format, more space to manually fill in data

  • Inbreeding calculator - uses the "path-method" for calculation, provides detailed information on all possible relationships between ancestors, including inbreeding coefficient.

  • extended statistics with paged listing of the selected category

Version 1.4.x

  • 1.4.1: Do not display immortals (dogs over 30 years, but with no registered death date)

  • 1.4.2: Fix death/birth date bug when saving dog info

  • 1.4.3: Only fetch active (published) kennels in search

  • 1.4.4: Registration: fixing double-registration without validation

  • 1.4.5: Registration: get unpublished kennel when validating

  • 1.4.6: Sort kennels alphabetically in listing

  • 1.4.7: Registration:fix issue where new user could register with an existing username

  • 1.4.8: Registration: fix other issue with double registrations

Version 1.4

  • functionality to update dog / kennel in background when stored

  • code rewrite/reorganisation, both front- and backend

  • improved styling on all pages, especially profile / dogs

  • better and more intuitive viewing / deleting / uploading of images

  • added login info in link in welcome post

  • saving preferred language

  • NHF can now enter series of chip numbers, appearing automagically when registering new dogs

  • added paging functionality on "last registrations" on the front page

  • added more countries for auto-completion of city by postcode on profile page
    (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, USA, Belgium, Greenland, The Netherlands)

  • added info bubbles

  • much more...

Version 1.3

  • chip chart generator

  • "My dogs" now shows all dogs user has registered but that are not currently associated with any kennel

  • kennel that made first registration is stored in dog

  • much more...

Version 1.2

  • cover page becomes translatable

  • user connects to one kennel only

  • added spinner when issuing ajax call to backend

  • improved functionality for dog transfer (CLI)

  • automagically auto-complete city by postcode (Norway)

  • automagical update of list of dogs in kennel when storing info

  • improved dog listing on search and in dog info page

  • some changes in backend administration

Version 1.1.1

  • copyright

  • enter key acts as submit upon login

  • major changes in user interface

  • some changes in backend administration

Version 1.1

  • some visual bootstrap changes

  • translations

  • check for duplicates before storing a dog

  • list deceased dogs separately

  • transfer of dogs (CLI)

  • simple hamburgermenu

  • added "new dog" and "new litter mate" when registering a dog

Version 1.0

  • first version: WordPress + Bootstrap

  • continuation of data from Stamtavla, under the ownership of NHF

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