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What is the Sleddog Registry?

The Sleddog Registry is a registry for sled dogs, run and operated by the Norwegian Sled Dog Racing Association. The Sleddog Registry will serve as a tool that generates unofficial pedigrees for sled dogs, as well as linking a dog to its owner/kennel.  By using the search engine on the front page, you can search for a chip number, and find the owner of a lost dog.

Registration in the Sleddog Registry must not be confused with the official pedigree registration at The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) or other recognized national registries. Purebred puppies must not be sold with the promise that they have an official pedigree and are formally registered, if only the Sleddog Registry has been used.

The Sleddog Registry is based on data from stamtavla.no, which is no longer in use. We are working to make sure that everyone who already has data in the system (from stamtavla.no) is given access to the new system.

If information about you, your kennel and/or your dogs is already in the system, it is easiest if you create a new user under your name before e-mailing us at post@trekkhundregisteret.no with information about which dogs you would like to have transferred to your new user. For more information about this, please check out the user manual and/or FAQ.

The economic surplus from the sale of microchips will cover the expenses we have in connection to the Sleddog Registry, and we hope our member appreciate this offer. If you wish to buy microchips, click here.

We wish to clarify again that the Sleddog Registry does not in any way replace the official registration of purebred dogs at NKK or other FCI-associated kennel clubs. This is an unoffical registration with the purpose of being able to generate a pedigree on mixed breeds, such as Alaskan Husky.

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