The purpose of collecting personal information

The purpose of (“the Sleddog Registry”) is to offer members ownership of the registrations they themselves enter in the registry. The registry contains historical data, with the purpose of creating a dog's pedigree. To avoid holes in the pedigrees, it is not possible to delete dogs once they are registered. For information on how to make your user anonymous, please check out the user manual.

The processing of your information is based on the consent you have given, and is processes in accordance with relevant laws, including but not limited to the Personal Data Act and the Bookkeeping Legislation.

According to the Personal Data Act, the Norwegian Sled Dog Racing Association is responsible for the processing of data.

What information is collected?

The Sleddog Registry deals with the personal information you have provided, such as name, address and e-mail. You decide how much information you wish to provide about yourself. The information you provide is available for everyone, whether they are registered users or not. The information that is registered on dogs is to be considered public and may freely be used by the Norwegian Sled Dog Racing Association. To avoid holes in the dogs' pedigrees, it is not possible to delete a dog once it is in the registry.

How does the Sleddog Registry use your information?

The Sleddog Registry uses personal information to maintain the registry, and for instance find the owners of lost dogs. Your personal information will not be used outside of the Sleddog Registry.

With who does the Sleddog Registry share your information? (Extradition)

The Sleddog Registry does not share your personal information with anyone else.

Who is processing your information? (Data processing)

The Norwegian Sled Dog Racing Association performs operation and maintenance of the database.


The Sleddog Registry can change the terms of consent and privacy statement to comply with new legal requirements and due to changes in our own practices for the collection and processing of personal data. In case of changes that require consent, you will be asked to agree to new terms the next time you log on to the Sleddog Registry.

Information about other changes will be provided on the Sleddog Registry.

It is voluntary to become a member of the Sleddog Registry

Becoming a member of the Sleddog Registry is optional. You can freely use the database for information and reference, but you must be a registered user to register dogs.

Your rights

If you disagree with how we process your personal information, or have questions about the processing of information, please e-mail and mark it with “Privacy”. You can complain about how the Sleddog Registry processes your information to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority: e-mail:, telephone: (+47) 22 39 69 00.

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